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Hey sweet friend, have you ever just wanted an easy button for life? Not just an answer but THE answer to your energy and weight management issues?

The Unchained Wellness Metabolic Health Program helps busy, working women and moms like YOU gain real information (using CGM) and take action to create a balanced lifestyle based on their own bodies.


Are you ready? 

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how your body responds to certain foods


the impact that nutrition, sleep & stress have on blood sugar 


what role blood sugar plays in homeostasis


the optimal diet for sustainable wellness

Reclaim Your Health and wellness with real time, actionable data.



The Metabolic Health Coaching Program includes:

  • 3 Month Continuous Glucose Monitoring (not included in the price of this program)

  • 1 hour discovery call


  • 90-minute monthly or bi-monthly meetings

  • Individualized nutrition plan based on data

  • Grace, Encouragement, and Accountability 


ALL DONE FROM A COZY CORNER IN YOUR HOME (in between meetings or while those babies are napping)


Gotta love technology, right? 

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I'M Susie

I’m Susie, a Nutrition Coach, Wifey and Mom to 3 sweet boys (Joshua is 5, Ethan is 2 and Micah is 8 months old!).


I’ve spent over a decade learning how God designed our bodies so that I can eat food I love, have the energy to fuel my blessed days, and encourage others along the way!


After becoming a Mom, my 'Why' drastically changed. There was simply not enough brain space to worry or stress 😩 about my food intake or my exercise habits. I HAD TO FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT EASIER TO FEEL GOOD.


I’ve spent my entire five years of motherhood learning how to eat in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable, and EASY PEASY while also incorporating exercise so I can chase my babies around and not get hurt.


As I received my NASM Nutrition Coach certification, and Precision Nutrition Master Health Coach certification I realized that there were some simple science-backed concepts that allow for eating to be so much easier. As I’ve implemented them, the amount of brain space spent on Nutrition has drastically decreased. Does that sound amazing or what?? Less brain space … more freedom ... more time to invest in other aspects of your life that bring you joy and fulfillment <3

unchained wellness

What People Say


Susie is so amazing and understanding, she really helps encourage me every time we meet. I feel as though I’m progressing faster than I ever have.


I look forward to every session we schedule. There is so much knowledge and time put into this business. It’s very well structured and organized. Anytime I need anything, I am met with quick responses.


After a session at Unchained Wellness, I feel empowered and hopeful. I would absolutely recommend! 


 I was looking for accountability & Susie provides it in an awesome, non-judgmental, and inspiring way.

She provides the lessons we all need to learn to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while cultivating the harmony needed between foods to achieve your goal and foods that add joy to your life when you eat them (sustainability!).

Susie's program has helped me realize health and weight loss are intertwined with so much more than calorie counting and exercise. We talk about stress, emotions, cycles, busy schedules, sleep, psychology and your own mind games you play with yourself. This is a full wellness program of awesomeness.

I have the accountability I need, reminders of things I know and need to focus on, and pumped up motivation in my weekly meetings with her!

Again, totally recommend!


Susie is amazing and I would 100% recommend her! She is super excited about her job as a nutritionist and she gets you (me) excited to change my eating habits and moving my body.


She also is super educated about why you  are doing all of the different things, from needing more protein to checking in on your sleep and stress, and why your body is responding the way it does to different parts of your life and environment.


Susie is also really chill and doesn't make you feel bad when you mess up/enjoy all the cookies! She is there to motivate you, support you, and educate you! You will feel like you have made a new friend who really cares about your health and helping you achieve your goals!


Honestly I am so glad I went with Susie and I am already seeing a huge difference in my life!


My Unchained Wellness Nutrition Program is a unique approach to wellness – it’s a knowledge-based, grace-centered approach to eating.


We begin with the foundations of Nutrition. You know, the stuff you learned ages ago but threw out of your brain’s file folders once diet culture started to soak in? Yeah, those foundations. We start there, then move on to some stumbling blocks to achieving food freedom.


We cover blood sugar stabilization, hormones, emotional eating and so much more. Over six months we tackle five different concepts while I walk alongside you providing encouragement, accountability, and joy to the process.


It’s way too much fun and I’m beyond blessed to get to play this role!



  1. If you spend 30 days with me and the value isn’t there, I’ll happily refund your money. 

  2. If you refer a friend to me and they become a client, I’ll give you half off your next month. And, throw in a Starbucks coffee card to boot! 

unchained metabolic health program

cost of CGM not included

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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