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Welcome! Are you in search of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that allows you to thrive? Are you confused by the information soup thrown at you daily? Are you ready to stop traditional dieting?

Well, if you've answered yes to these questions then, friend, you're in the right place.


Take a proactive and integrative approach to happiness, health and freedom with the Unchained Wellness Coaching Program for busy, active women,  just like you!

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Unchained Wellness Susie Thomsen

Meet Susie

Hi, there! I’m Susie Thomsen, an NASM Certified Nutrition Coach Certified, and Precision Nutrition Master Health Coach helping busy women achieve long-term, sustainable results in all seasons of life.

I'm also a wifey and mom to 3 sweet boys - Joshua is 6, Ethan is 3 and Micah is 18 months old!

Happy Clients

Susie is amazing and I would 100% recommend her! She is super excited about her job as a nutritionist and she gets me excited to change my eating habits and moving my body. She also is super educational about why I am doing all of the different things, from needing more protein to checking in on your sleep and stress, and why your body is responding the way it does to different parts of your life and environment. She is also really chill and doesn't make me feel bad when I mess up/enjoy all the cookies!


She is there to motivate you, support you, and educate you! You will fill like you have made a new friend who really cares about your health and helping you achieve your goals!"


Honestly I am so glad I went with Susie and I am already seeing a huge difference in my life!

Jennifer B.

" I 1000000% recommend Susie! I was VERY skeptical. I’ve tried all the things, I KNOW food… or so I thought. I’ve learned SO much about my body and how it actually works! I couldn’t feel so many different things because I had no clue what it was.


Two months in and I can tell what my body is feeling, what it needs, and WHY!!!!!


She’s amazing! If you think you’ve tried all the things and nothing works… give Susie a try! She has taught me LIFELONG changes that are easy and not overwhelming! 💙

Hope S.

 I was looking for wellness accountability and Susie provides it in an awesome, non-judgmental, and inspiring way. She provides the lessons we all need to learn to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while cultivating the harmony needed between foods to achieve your goal and foods that add joy to your life when you eat them (sustainability!).


Susie's program has helped me realize health and weight loss are intertwined with so much more than calorie counting and exercise. We talk about stress, emotions, cycles, busy schedules, sleep, psychology and your own mind games you play with yourself.


This is a full wellness program of awesomeness. I have the accountability I need, reminders of things I know and need to focus on, and pumped up motivation in my weekly meetings with her!

Becca S.

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