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Helping women gain confidence and joy on their way to wellness.

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Nutrition Coaching

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Educate yourself on solutions for your nutrition needs and receive accountability along the way in this month-to-month program!


Prioritize your health as a group by nurturing healthy lifestyles over a 3-month program! Includes weekly group nutritional coaching and activities for 7 or fewer participants.


Sign up for personalized weekly workouts, accountability and goal measurement.

Happy Clients

"Susie has been such an encouragement. I am learning how to improve my diet to manage my energy levels and lose weight in a sustainable way. After years of obsessing over my workout schedule, I am excited to see progress even during weeks when I am not able to workout.


"Susie desires a full life for her clients - full of fun, fellowship and a healthy relationship with food and our bodies. She helps me consider how to approach my diet in a sustainable way for my lifestyle to reach my goals."

Cammi B.

"I have known Susie for years. We started talking again when I saw she started Health and Wellness Coaching. I contacted her because I had big goals I wanted to reach.


"From the beginning, Susie was amazing. She asked me about my goals, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually, too. She has been an amazing inspiration and cheered me on the whole time. I’m almost at my goal weight and am growing in other aspects of my life, as well. Thanks, Susie"

Carolyn W.

" I love how Susie is super encouraging but never pushy to where you feel like you have to do the workouts. She always makes sure that you, as the trainee, aren’t hurting yourself.


"She is knowledgeable in nutrition and how certain body types react to different workouts. Her style of training is built around your body type and what actually works for your body. I also love that her training style isn’t just to get you to come to her, but to eventually become independent and enjoy working out on my own."

Olga K.

About Me

After a decade of focus and intention on creating habits around exercise, nutrition and stress I have found some KEY strategies towards feeling my best. Will these strategies work for YOU?


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