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Soul Deep Wellness


On a quest for a reflection in the mirror that looked 'beautiful' I embarked on a weight-loss journey that would be the beginning of a decade-long struggle with food. 


At the ripe age of 15, I began to notice that eating less and exercising more led to a substantial weight loss that, in my eyes, was going to lead to a more fulfilling life.


As I began to restrict my intake, I started to tune out my hunger and fullness cues, eating only when necessary and feeling out of control once I began. This was the start of my binge eating and over exercising journey. 


While externally I looked like a normal young girl, I was in a constant mental battle with myself over the amount of food and exercise that took place on any given day. I lost touch with my sense of self and entered into survival mode where I would stay for many years. In 2011, I lost my sister to her own mental struggles with a distorted body image and a debilitating eating disorder.


At that point, I realized that something needed to change.

I was in college at the time and decided it was time to figure out how to live a 'normal' life, free from the chains that had held me down for so many years.


I pursued holistic health, first learning how to move in a way that was enjoyable and then picking up nutrition knowledge that allowed me to make wise nutrition choices.


However, it wasn't until being pregnant with my first son that I realized what a truly incredible body I had, designed by our Creator to CREATE life! 


As I began to eat intuitively, as a pregnant woman, I began to notice the chains falling away. I grew to understand that my body was a physical vessel, one to be cared for and nourished, but ultimately it was my soul that had been starving.



When my soul was starving I sought physical nourishment when what I needed was truly spiritual nourishment. I gave my life to Christ during this time, offering up my slavery for food and body image in exchange for the freedom offered through Jesus Christ.


Shortly after having my first son, I began a full fledged "Intuitive Eating with Intentional Nourishment" practice.


I began by tossing out all of the diet rules I had held onto for so long and asking myself "Are you hungry? If so, what is it that you truly want?".


My first few months of this journey looked so incredibly odd!


Enchiladas for breakfast, dessert at lunch, lots of take-out Thai food eaten at random times of the day...


It was so freeing!


Very quickly I began to notice how I felt after eating certain foods and portion sizes and I began to make more wise decisions.



For over 4 years I've been a consistent practitioner of an "Intuitive Eating" approach that includes refinement of a diet that makes me feel energized, keeps me satisfied and fuels the workouts that I love so much!


It is a life of freedom that allows me to tackle my many roles with confidence and energy.


I gained my Nutrition Coach certification and am so incredibly passionate about helping women learn to do the same!


Each and every person's journey is so unique and I recognize that each client requires individualization. With that in mind, I've come up with a flexible 3 Phase Program that I follow with about 80% of my clients and it looks a little something like this...




"... She asked me about my goals, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually, too. She has been an amazing inspiration and cheered me on the whole time. I’m almost at my goal weight and am growing in other aspects of my life, as well. Thanks, Susie"

Carolyn W.

Phase 1: Knowledge, Refinement and Accountability


In this first phase I put my clients through a Nutrition 101 course that includes fundamentals and practical application. After this first session, my clients begin to log their food and we begin the journey together to refine their current diet to be more energizing, satisfying and leading to a more balanced energy equation. 


Phase 2: Utilize Estimates to Build a Balanced Plate


As we exit Phase 1, we begin to take off the training wheels together. The client no longer tracks their food but simply begins to use the tools gained in Phase 1 to build out their meals. We will continue to track client progress and set goals, however the focus will be on taking the tools learned through phase 1 and putting them into practice with less structure


Phase 3: Intuitive Eating with Intentional Nourishment


A smooth exit out of Phase 2 will occur when my client is ready to tackle "Intuitive Eating"! I will continue to work with my clients as they set goals based on satiety, energy levels and enjoyment. The goal of this Phase will be to launch Intuitive Eaters who can eat in a sustainable way to feel good for the rest of their life!


If you are someone who has been on one diet after or another or simply struggles with the energy to enjoy each day, I encourage you to reach out! I would be honored to walk alongside you as a coach and friend as you learn how to eat for LIFE!

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